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  • Donna Kostrzewski

2020.....Its a Time of Change...

My heart is interests are shifting. I'm feeling restless and searching for new inspiration and activities. How can 2020 not reveal potentially seismic shifts of almost every and any kind?

Human treats are in the offing. Enjoying baking and researching recipes that incorporate more fiber, which until recently, didn't get much credit or emphasis. Blogs, podcasts, and common sense are teaching me it's importance. (BTW, I don' think my first roll-out of human treats will necessarily meet this goal....I'll be pleased if my quiver hits 90/10.)

More importantly, overall, a new goal of 30 varieties of plants eaten per week....did a rough count before instituting the goal and arrived at 25! Who knew?! Off to a good start, however, it was probably always, the same 25 each week. We must learn variety for health. Newfound deposits in shopping cart include fennel, frisse, jicama, tiger nuts, egg plant and more.

Let's see how the third quarter of this most bizarre year evolves. I'm looking at new beginnings. Share kindness every day.

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