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  • Donna Kostrzewski

Summer Fun in Pittsford

Derby, Annie Rose and I had a great day yesterday running a promotion at one of our most fabulous accounts - Village Bakery and Cafe! Have you been yet? Run don't walk. Village Bakery and Cafe is absolutely perfect in every way - their original location is on State Street in the quaint Village of Pittsford, they have another location at The Armory on Culver Road and a third at Eastview Mall. Four Legs treats are sold at Pittsford and Armory - both individual treats at the point of sale and 10 and 15 ounce bags to take home.

It was a beautiful sunny day and off we went heading east with the backseat packed with treats and Derby resting up!

First stop - Armory location on Culver Road.

Louis was there waiting for us and was the perfect assistant for handing out free treats!

Derby and I went to the Pittsford location and after several hours and several dozen treats being handed out to all different sizes, shapes and colors of four leg visitors we were ready for some yummy Village Bakery sandwiches.

All Derby had to say at the end of a fun day was...."Momma - I am a pooped pooch!"

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