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Play Date!

Derby and I are lucky enough to be invited each week to two play dates not far from where we live. There are probably a dozen four legs invited each week and usually no less than six attend! Lucky is the host and he loves everyone (both 2 and 4 legged!). He is the "leaner". Don't step away too fast, or he will tip over! It's wonderful when it's cold outside and his nice warm fur feels so good on you feet and legs.

Then there is Roscoe! He is in love with Chance but loves to wrestle with Lucky. This is Lucky (left) and Roscoe on the right above at a springtime play date!

Here is Bella and Jaeger!

Here is Bella (left) and Jaeger! Jaeger is crazy - he never, ever, ever stops running and retrieving his ball. Once in a while he gets a little surly but RARELY.

Bella is a love, she loves her red Frisbee, especially chasing it, but finds it taxing to actually return it. :)

Here is Cooper! Kooky Cooper is what I call him. He is a hoot! He gets into anything and everything. He emerges from a bush, plant, garden or roll in the grass with all kinds of things stuck to his fur. It drives his Momma crazy but she and we all laugh about it. He loves Derby and the two of them sometimes run circles around the rest of us chasing each other.

Hot weather needed? NOPE! Lucky's pool is always sparkling clean and ready for his buddies at each and every play date (unless it's snowing !).....Most four legs love it - not Derby, however, she needs to gently placed in middle and praised and stroked and the minute either stops, she pops out! She loves to drink from it and watch her friends enjoy it though!

Here is Lucy in the middle of the pool............she is #adorbs! Penney is a regular but I can't find a picture of her - so stay tuned! Next play date update will be all about Penney!!!

I recently brought out some four legs treats and was almost swarmed to the ground by hungry pups clamoring for a treat! We love our #fourlegs!!!!

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