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  • Rhode Island and Boston Bound


Sunny skies, dry roads reaffirmed decision to head to the beaches of Rhode Island visiting lifelong friend's new place and a day in Boston to hear Maestro the Rocket Scientist's concert in the beautiful chapel at MIT.

Derby settled in to her back seat perch hoping I didn't forget her #myfourlegs treats and favorite blankie. The 7.5 hour trip was almost uneventful except for nearly dying at the exchange from I91 to I84 east in Hartford. Good Grief DOT - give drivers a better warning that the transition is a perpendicular exchange vs a cloverleaf exchange. Sharp left turns do not mix with 50 mph!!! Phew....Derby stopped her propulsion to the front seat by straddling the drive shifter. Thankful we arrived safe and sound.

Good Morning!

A walk to the beach proved the absolute perfect way to start the day!

That evening after walking what seemed to be every inch of downtown Boston after the big dig (yep - it's been a while!) we enjoyed an amazing concert our son put together at MIT chapel. Have you been? Please go! Amazing - designed by Saarinen. We listened to son five other singers perform Officium defunctorum by Victoria....breathtaking and inspirational.

Our last day required more beach walking

and it was hard to say goodbye Rhode Island but there are #myfourlegs to be baked! Till next time! :)


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