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  • Bam! Hello Palm Beach


....the roadtrip continued with me in a warm halo of memories from Biltmore but non-stop rain as we cross the Florida - Georgia line. 79 degrees and A1A.....we decided to check out Palm Beach. Wonderful, beautiful, enchanting. It's an original! Naples, Sanibel, Caramel-by-the-Sea - they are all copies of Palm Beach!

We spotted a wonderful market called Amici's and stopped in, ordered a yummy pizza and asked to meet the owner. Mauricio and Mia Amici - terrific folks! I left them four tins of Nickers and pbRovers hoping they might consider purchasing to sell to their clientele.

Bingo! Yes, please, said Mia - please send me a case of each! My dog loves them and I think our customers will love them. Thank you!!!!! Four Legs has crossed a state line and we are on our way!

A lovely barn at Biltmore

#biltmore #florida #palmbeach #roadtrip #Convertible

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