Four Legs is my combination of my two passions in life.....baking and animals.


My personal four legs include Slim Chance a warm-blood Trakehner horse who will soon turn 11 years old; and Derby, a 7 month old miniature schnauzer.  Our lost loves include Lucy Ball a ten year old schnauzer who was gifted.  She 'retrieved the paper' from the end of the driveway, rolled over on command and spoke 4 languages AND Rover, the most amazing springer-doodle who lived in SanDiego with one of our 2-legs. 


I love to bake and now that our two legs are young adults living in three different time zones, I have time to create these wonderful treats for mine and your four legs!


From My Kitchen to Your Home or Barn.


I make every single treat by hand, with love.  I take great pride and pleasure in mixing the healthy ingredients, rolling out the dough and scooping the granola ball-shaped Nickers.  Fresh and preservative free. Healthy fish oil and locally sourced raw honey made by bees a mile from our backyard...without preservatives. 


I bake them slow and low so they are crunchy and have a shelf life of at least three months.  Freeze the nickers and they become an eatable activity toy for your dogs